Acer conceptd 7 ezel opens pre-sale

It was reported on August 4 that in March this year, Acer announced its new concept d 7 ezel notebook. The concept D brand is a productivity tool series specially launched by Acer for creators. It aims to let creators fully release their potential and invite famous designers from all over the world to use concept D products to deeply decode their creative works.

With its avant-garde design and superior strength, conceptd 7 ezel / Pro won 10 awards among the 18 “best of CES” Awards awarded by the US media, which made the audience astonished. With Acer’s ezel bearing, designers can switch to the most suitable working mode. There are five modes to choose from: sharing, floating, standing, flat and display. In addition, the series also provides heat dissipation and noise reduction design. During high-speed operation, the noise is lower than 40 decibels, making the working environment as quiet as in a library.

At present, it has opened pre-sale in Jingdong, with a pre-sale deposit of 1000 yuan (USD $143) and a full amount of 29999 yuan (USD $4286) . In terms of hardware configuration, i7-10875h processor, RTX 2080 super max-q graphics card, 32g memory and 2TB solid state disk are used. As a mobile workstation notebook, it also has a 15.6-inch 4K display screen with professional color correction, 100% Adobe RGB, and can flip touch handwriting, covering six generations of Corning gorilla glass. In terms of appearance, it adopts pure white aluminum magnesium body, metal ceramic panel and orange keyboard backlight.