Add a new machine exposure, equipped with snapdragon 660 or entry-level model

It was reported on August 11 that the OnePlus Nord has just been released in the European market, and the news of other medium and low-end new machines has been continuously spread. Not long ago, it was disclosed that the Yijia new machine, code named billied, carries the snapdragon 690. Recently, the new machine code named “Yijia clover” has also appeared in geekbench sub database.

The chip set is displayed as sdm660, that is, the high pass snapdragon 660 processor, and the running memory size is 3.65gb, that is, 4GB of running memory. The test score of single core and multi core is 336 and 1495 respectively. From the perspective of configuration, OnePlus clover positioning will be lower than billied and Nord exposed before, or it is an entry-level model.

Previously, Carl Pei, co-founder of Yijia, revealed in an interview that oneplus Nord will only be put forward in India and Europe, while OnePlus mobile will launch other mid-range models in the other core North American market. No accident, oneplus clover and oneplus Billie should be what Carl Pei calls the new machines.

Now, in the face of fierce market competition, Yijia has to adjust its product line and start to use the air sea tactics to win more market share.