After 15 years! FAW Mazda finally "turned right": the same level as FAW Volkswagen and FAW Toyota

After 15 years of development, FAW Mazda has ushered in a series of major adjustments recently.

Just a few days ago, FAW Group has completed the replacement of assets between FAW Cars and FAW Liberation, so the listed company FAW Cars was officially renamed FAW Liberation, and its main business was changed to commercial vehicles; and the two major passenger car brands of the original FAW Cars Both FAW Pentium and FAW Mazda were released, and the Mazda brand was upgraded internally.

Official information shows that the former major shareholder FAW Pentium changed to FAW Group, which holds 60% of FAW Mazda's shares. After being assigned to the FAW Group, FAW Mazda rose to the same position as the joint ventures of FAW-Volkswagen and FAW Toyota within the group.

At the same time, FAW Group will set up Mazda Business Division to be responsible for the operation of the entire value chain business of FAW Mazda brand. Within the group, it will be at the same management level as FAW Volkswagen, FAW Toyota and other companies. Act as the head of the business department.

In other words, FAW Mazda is now a subsidiary of FAW Group and is no longer a subsidiary of FAW Pentium Car Co., Ltd. under FAW Group. In terms of management relationship, FAW Mazda has been upgraded internally.

I have to say that the release of this news is quite surprising, because basically no clues have been revealed before this.

In this adjustment, people in the industry were optimistic. In particular, the establishment of the Mazda Division directly under the FAW Group will obviously inject a strong impetus into the development and growth of FAW Mazda, the improvement of management efficiency and decision-making autonomy, the stronger production quality control, the active cooperation between the two parties in the future, and the reduction of short-term profit pressure Small, you can pay more attention to the accumulation and development of the medium and long term, and various aspects will help FAW Mazda to a higher level.