After the festival, the carnival will not stop, holds a mobile phone discount storm festival, and it is more favorable for replacement

During the National Day holiday, many e-commerce platforms launched a series of promotional activities, but even if the holiday has passed, still has non-stop activities and launched a mobile phone discount storm festival. During the event, you can grab multiple benefits such as high-volume coupons, tens of billions of subsidies, and trade-in. The discounts are still very strong. Those who want to replace the new machine but have no time to start can still easily get the new machine on

Suning Tesco’s mobile phone discount storm festival event provides coupons of different denominations ranging from 100 yuan (USD $14) to 500 yuan (USD $71) for everyone to receive. The maximum special discount of 500 yuan (USD $71) for old-for-new users is more economical and affordable. At the same time, there are many popular models participating in the tens of billions of subsidies. The original price of Xiaomi 10 5G is 3799 yuan (USD $543) . After receiving the tens of billions of subsidies, the price is only 3329 yuan (USD $476) , a reduction of 470 yuan (USD $67) . In addition, there are many products such as iPhone 11 and Redmi K30 5G participating in the subsidy activities, and the prices are very fragrant.

At the same time, also launched an exclusive special event for the Storm Festival. Huawei P40, Redmi K30 Pro, iPhone 11, OPPO Reno4 Pro and many other models enjoy lower hand prices and up to 24 interest-free offers. Among them, the iPhone 11 128GB version is only 4999 yuan (USD $714) in hand, and Super members can also grab 12 interest-free coupons; Reno4 Pro offers a discount of 3799 yuan (USD $543) and enjoys 24 interest-free coupons, making it easier to purchase in installments without pressure.

In addition, there are also different strengths of discounts for popular models such as the Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition, OnePlus 8, and vivo X50, with coupon discounts + up to 24 interest-free periods, so you can start with yourself more casually Favorite product. In addition to mobile phones, many smart digital products such as smart watches, drones, tablets, and smart door locks are also participating in the discount storm festival. Friends who are planning to replace their phones, hurry up and check out Suning. Don't let the opportunity slip away again!