After the release of iPhone 12: iPhone XR official dropped 800 yuan (USD $114) ! From 3999 yuan (USD $571)

This morning, the new iPhone 12 series was released. Apple's secrecy work has become more and more unflattering. The previous revelations almost all hit, including the price.

At the same time, iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max was taken off the official website. Apple will sell several mobile phones such as iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone SE (second generation) and iPhone 12 series at the same time.

iPhone XR, as Apple’s former sales force, took advantage of the price cut by 800 yuan (USD $114) , the Bank of China lowered its 64GB from 4799 yuan (USD $686) to 3999 yuan (USD $571) , and the 128GB from 5299 yuan (USD $757) to 4499 yuan (USD $643) , which is more cost-effective.


The price of all iPhone 11 series is reduced by 700 yuan (USD $100) (US$100 abroad) , continuing the old tradition. In other words, the new starting price of iPhone 11 64GB is 4799 yuan (USD $686) , 128GB 5299 yuan (USD $757) , 256GB 6099 yuan (USD $871) .

However, a very important change is that in the future, if you can buy any iPhone products from official channels, EarPods wired headphones and charging heads will no longer be included in the package . Of course, Apple upgraded the USB-A to Lightning data cable to USB-C to Lightning, Apple's argument is for environmental protection purposes, in the short term, the cost will also be reduced.

Purchase link: Apple's official website (3999 yuan (USD $571) )