Agency report: iPhone12 series is more popular than 11, but mini sales are sluggish

News on January 6: The research report of the data agency CIRP pointed out that the iPhone 12 series is more popular than the 11 series in the market after the release, but the mini sales are sluggish.

Compared with the sales of the iPhone11 series in 2019, which accounted for 69% of all iPhone sales, the iPhone12 series' sales share reached 76% during the same period.

Among the four new models of iPhone12, the sales share of the 6.1-inch iPhone12 reached 27%; the sales share of iPhone12Pro and iPhone12Promax was about 20%, but the sales of iPhone12mini only accounted for 6%.

According to CIRP analysis, the iPhone 12mini's higher price of US$699 weakened its attractiveness, resulting in lower sales than other models.

The analysis data from Comprar Acciones shows that strong demand for the Apple iPhone 12 series will continue until 2021. The research organization estimates that iPhone 12 shipments will increase by 38% in the first quarter of 2021, reaching 51 million.