AI performance of mobile phones in 2019: Apple dominates the top three

On January 7, Master Lu released the list of mobile AI performance in 2019. Not surprisingly, the iPhone 11 series with the industry’s top processor occupied the top three on the list. Following closely are domestic brands such as black shark, vivo, Meizu, oppo and Xiaomi.

The iPhone 11 series is the best because of its A13 bionic processor. A13 adopts the third generation of neural network engine. With 8 cores, the speed can be increased by up to 20% and the energy consumption can be reduced by up to 15%. It provides a powerful driving force for the image function, augmented reality app, face ID and other functions of iPhone 11 series.

In addition to apple, Qualcomm’s AI performance is also excellent. For example, the second black shark game mobile phone after Apple uses snapdragon 855 plus, and there are many mobile phones with snapdragon 855 processor on the list. By the end of 2019, Qualcomm’s Xiaolong 865 5g mobile platform has been unveiled. Lu believes that the first step to carry the new Xiaolong 865 will have the ability to change the performance list of AI mobile phones.

However, there are also surprises. The Kirin 990 processor has always been known as the strongest AI chip, but Huawei’s mobile phone failed to make the list, which is surprising.