Aichi titled high-speed rail train "Aichi U5 new generation quality SUV" debut Shanghai Hongqiao

On the morning of January 14th, a special high-speed train line appeared in Shanghai Hongqiao, a special high-speed train line named "Aichi U5 New Generation Quality SUV" named by Aichi Motors. Together with Fuxing, Aichi Motors passed through the stations including Shangrao, where the Aichi Automotive Super Smart Factory is located, fully demonstrating the hard-core strength of China's modern intelligent manufacturing. What's more worth mentioning is that the “Aichi U5 New Generation Quality SUV” special train is the first cooperation between China ’s “new four major inventions” high-speed rail and China ’s “smart manufacturing” on behalf of the new forces car manufacturers, which will be two major Cooperation in this field provides a new direction, while injecting new energy into China's industrial development in 2020.

"Aichi U5 new generation quality SUV" special train

As a travel service company in which users are deeply involved, Aichi Motors is favored by user partners. At the scene, Aichi Shanghai ’s innovative channel retail partner, Nanjie, General Manager of Tongfuxiang Group ’s Aichi Brand, Zhang Xuefeng, General Manager of Tongfuxiang Group ’s Shanghai Store, and the first user representatives of Aichi U5 witnessed the two “Made in China” During the ribbon-cutting ceremony of strong and strong cooperation, An Jiheng, vice president of Aichi Motors, said in his speech, "Leaving home, travel begins. And the Spring Festival transportation is a trip, it is a return. At the beginning of the new year of 2020, Aichi Motors will cooperate with channels Retail partners work together to implement Aichi's commitment to customers. "

Special line of “Aichi U5 New Generation Quality SUV” jointly launched by Aichi Motors and China High Speed Rail

Yuan Feng, general manager of the train branch of Shanghai Railway Cultural Advertising Development Co., Ltd., expressed his expectation for the cooperation between Aichi Motors and China's high-speed railway: Effective brand communication. "

Connected with Chinese railway myth

"Prosperity through all ages, advance in transportation", since ancient times, transportation has been the essence of people's livelihood, economic lifeline, and social cornerstone. With the development of the economy since the reform and opening up, the transportation has also undergone a positive change. The achievements of China's railways for more than 40 years are undoubtedly attracting worldwide attention. In just 10 years, the high-speed railway broke through the technological blockade with independent innovation and became the national business card of China's smart manufacturing. Actively respond to the challenges of the times. Today, the railway myth is in line with the automobile industry revolution since China's reform and opening up. From internal combustion to electricity, the same history is happening in the automotive industry. Aichi Motors is a smart electric vehicle company that emerged in response to the "new four modernizations" wave.

Today, the high-speed rail enjoys a worldwide reputation, and its share in the global high-speed rail market is firmly in the top spot in the world. As the quality representative of new forces car manufacturers, Aichi will also uphold the ambition of "Made in China's quality revolution" and take the lead Smart manufacturing, smart products and smart services accelerate the evolution of the automotive industry and create a new mobility lifestyle.

Layout Global Aichi never forgets corporate mission

In the three years since its establishment, Aichi Automotive has deeply cultivated the two major fields of electrification and intelligence. At present, it has achieved a global layout across Europe and Asia, and has the leading annual patent application volume and forward-looking technical reserves among new forces. Aichi Motors not only has a world-class automobile manufacturing system, but also an industrial base for overseas exports.

New generation quality SUV-Aichi U5

The first mass-produced car under the brand name of Aichi Motors, Aichi U5, became the first new generation of smart electric vehicles to obtain the EU-type certification by virtue of its solid building skills and technical quality. On December 19 last year, the Aichi U5 was officially listed in Wanning, Hainan, and started to be delivered globally at the same time. The domestic subsidy was priced at 179,900 to 292,100 yuan (USD $41729) . At the same time, Aichi Motors does not forget the mission of making China “go global”. At present, the Aichi U5 has been completed on the European market in St. Gallen, Switzerland, Munich, Germany, Ingolstadt and other places, and will continue to develop mature global automotive markets in the future. Aichi Automotive has always been committed to making China's automobile manufacturing reach the goal of keeping pace with the development of high-speed rail internationally and leading the world.

Creating Operational Services with Love for 2020

After the title of high-speed rail is named by Aichi Automobile, the “Aichi U5” special train will realize multimedia display inside and outside the compartment, from exclusive space to deep interaction to achieve zero-distance contact with users. Passengers on the first trip to the "Aichi U5" train can participate in interactive activities by scanning the QR code in the car compartment to grab the 15-day free in-depth experience of the Aichi U5 limited quota, truly achieving "try before you buy without regret".

In addition, the official flagship store of Aichi Motors has now settled in the three major e-commerce platforms of, Suning and Chexiang, forming a new e-commerce combination matrix with its own APP. After the U5 was launched, Aichi is continuously accelerating the landing of the 7921 central offline experience stores in major cities. As of the end of last year, 44 sales channel partners and 50 service channel partners have been authorized in Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, 13 offline experience stores in 11 cities including Kunming, Chengdu, Hefei, Qingdao, Changchun, and Quanzhou have been opened. Hearty users can apply for a variety of intimate services through on-site visits or test drive to the store.

Aichi U5 train helps boost regional economy

With the operation of the high-speed train from Shanghai to Nanchang, the space-time distance between the two places has been greatly shortened. At the same time, it has also accelerated the further integration of Jiangxi Province into the Yangtze River Delta economic circle and promoted regional cooperation in the Pan-Yangtze River Delta. From now until early July, the “Aichi U5” high-speed rail train will travel between Shanghai and Jiangxi several times a day, through Shangrao, where the Aichi super factory is located, while realizing the industrial development of Jiangxi and building a new development platform for the rise of Jiangxi.