AirDots3 Pro official announcement: Redmi's first noise-canceling headphones!

Redmi will hold a new product launch conference on the afternoon of May 26 to officially release the new Redmi Note 10 series.

This morning, Redmi’s official Weibo announced the new teammate of the Note 10 series-AirDots3 Pro, which is the first noise-cancelling headset of the Redmi brand. Officially, it has Pro-level flagship noise reduction performance, supports deep noise reduction, and three-speed active Noise reduction mode.

At the same time, Redmi officials also stated that AirDots3 Pro has ultra-low latency and may be “the lowest latency noise reduction headset in the industry”. In addition, it will also bring Pro-level appearance, sound quality, and extreme price-performance ratio.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi, as the big brother, just launched the FlipBuds Pro noise-cancelling headphones. From the perspective of product positioning, AirDots3 Pro may be castrated on the basis of the former.

However, in terms of noise reduction effect, there may not be too much difference between the two. Previously, FlipBuds Pro supported 40d active noise reduction. AirDots3 Pro may also maintain this effect. This is also the top specification of noise reduction wireless headphones, which can effectively isolate The noise in the environment brings purer sound quality enjoyment.

In addition, in terms of functionality, AirDots3 Pro also inherits the previous three noise reduction gears for high, middle and low options, which are suitable for office, daily, and air travel scenarios. You can find the effect you want at any time, and also It is expected to also support the well-received transparent mode on AirPods Pro to avoid complete isolation from the surrounding environment.

At the same time, the dual-device connection function between Xiaomi devices will certainly not be absent. It can be easily paired with mobile phones and laptops at the same time, and can be switched at will. The use experience is more intelligent and worth looking forward to.

Redmi首款降噪耳机!AirDots3 Pro官宣:依然极致性价比

Source: Fast Technology