AirPods Q3 market share drops to 29%

Apple is currently in a leading position in the true wireless earbuds market, but this journey has experienced many obstacles. Starting from gaining a 41% share, the Cupertino technology giant’s control was loosened. A report pointed out that it now controls 29% of the market. However, we believe that Apple will not lose a lot of sweat, because the number is higher than any competitor.


According to a report by Counterpoint Research, by the third quarter of 2020, Apple’s 29% market share did not reflect the decline in AirPods sales, but showed increased competition from competitors such as Xiaomi. The business models of Apple and Xiaomi operate in very different ways. Apple continues to sell expensive wireless earbuds, and Xiaomi’s products are cheaper, priced between 20 and 50 US dollars, providing consumers with more purchase options.

Even if Xiaomi performs well in this market, it still controls less than half of the market and has a 13% share. One of the reasons why Apple continues to occupy this market segment is its tightly integrated iOS ecosystem. When consumers buy a pair of AirPods, buying the product can simplify many things, such as the pairing process. After purchase, users no longer need to enter the “Settings” of the iPhone or iPad. The connection between the two devices is quick and easy.

Later this year, we can expect Apple to release AirPods 3 in March, and may even release AirPods Pro 2 at an unconfirmed time.

Source: Smart Grid 【Original】