Alibaba's innovative intelligent marketing platform is about to debut in 2020 Golden Investment Awards

2020, with the keywords of "restart" and "growth", has entered the final stage. The performance pressure accumulated by the company in the first half of the year was also eased in the second half of the year. However, in the changing market environment, using a limited budget to leverage greater effects and improve brand effectiveness will be the next or even a long time for the company. Normalization.

Every advertiser who seeks long-term development, while committed to conversion, is also reconstructing its own growth model, using a continuous growth path to improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness, and then upgrade its own anti-fragility ability. The theme of 2020 Golden Investment Rewards is also defined as the restart of growth. We look forward to working with advertisers, agencies and other business partners to drive a healthy advancement in the industry through business creativity.

In the face of a diversified marketing environment and complex and changeable users, how to improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness from a long-term perspective? Alibaba's innovative business group intelligent marketing platform was invited to participate in the 2020 Golden Investment Award, which will be held at 11:10 am on October 20th. 00-11:40 A special forum was held to join hands with well-known marketing experts in the digital industry to discuss how to help companies break through the constraints of growth and make marketing simpler and more effective.

With more consumer contacts, link efficiency has become the key to growth

In 2020, the focus of consumers' lives will shift to online. With the further integration of online and offline marketing contacts, traditional purchase paths have been broken, consumers' consumption habits and consumer psychology have become more diversified, and the patience of consumption is also gradually Fading, heartbeat is action, and it is gradually becoming the consumption pattern of many people.

In a marketing environment where consumer motivations seem vague and decision-making processes are fast and random, the imagination of brand marketing is enlarged. Especially under the opportunities brought by the 5G Internet of Everything, digital commerce driven by technology and big data, marketing intelligence, live broadcast delivery, and full link efficiency improvement have become the key to the industry's leadership. For advertisers, innovation in form can no longer meet the current growth demands. It is straight to the essence. Starting from the underlying marketing structure and specific links, can we grasp the diversified marketing touchpoints of consumers, simplify the complex, and realize increase.

Link efficiency is mainly reflected in two aspects: improving marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Aiming at the improvement of marketing effects, it is possible to promote purchase decisions by reconstructing marketing links and innovating communication methods, making transactions simple, direct and efficient. In terms of improving marketing efficiency, by building a new marketing system, amplifying the value of each marketing, to achieve the improvement of marketing efficiency.

Break marketing restrictions and build "hyperlinks" that improve effectiveness and efficiency

The essence of marketing is to do business. Consumers can see, are willing to buy, and buy, which is a good business. After the Internet has built a new business cornerstone, advertisers need to establish a connection with consumers, and at the same time communicate with them through content, and gradually build their own hyperlink growth model. At present, the growth model of hyperlinks is mainly reflected in the following three aspects with content, operation and channel innovation as the core:

The combination of traffic and content can capture every marketing opportunity: with the disappearance of traffic dividends, more and more advertisers find that "content + multi-touch" will be an important engine for building brand-user relationships and driving growth. At this time, the combination of traffic and content is the prerequisite to impress consumers and improve marketing effects.

Operation and sales complement each other, allowing the transformation of effects to occur naturally: With the help of technology, according to user preferences, advertising information is presented to the right people in the most acceptable way and content style for consumers, which becomes the guarantee of efficient marketing. At the same time, marketing from an operational perspective can turn a single conversion into a long-term connection between the brand and the user, which is conducive to the realization of brand conversion more easily.

Establish a long-term growth path to improve marketing efficiency: The improvement of marketing efficiency largely depends on the evolution of marketing models. By building a new brand marketing matrix and channels, it can help advertisers to accumulate brand value under more touch points, have more voice, and resist the impact of the black swan incident and achieve sustainable development.

The so-called hyper-link growth model is multi-dimensional and continuous conversion under multiple touch points. In order to help advertisers respond to market changes in a timely manner and achieve rapid and continuous growth at the marketing level, the intelligent marketing platform of Alibaba's innovative business group has launched a product cluster-Super Inovance, which opens up marketing links and comprehensively improves marketing efficiency.

The intelligent marketing platform of Ali's innovative business group will give a more comprehensive introduction to Super Inovance in the upcoming Golden Investment Rewards special. At the same time, we will also work with industry experts and advertisers to help companies break through the growth constraints and make marketing simpler and more effective.