Alipay Group Wufu is fully launched for the first time to add a new voice method to receive a lucky card

The annual “Five Blessings” event is here. On February 1, Alipay officially announced that 2021 will be officially opened. Users who have collected five lucky cards of “patriotism, prosperity, harmony, friendliness, and dedication” will be able to share their luck on the New Year’s Eve. 100 million yuan in cash.

According to reports, in addition to collecting Wu Fu through regular methods such as AR sweeping and writing blessings on the Alipay mobile app this year, Alipay also introduced some “hidden gameplay”, such as searching for “KFC, McDonald’s, Mengniu” and other brand names on Alipay. , Or scan the customized blessing characters in your hometown, there is a certain probability to get a blessing card. It is worth mentioning that this year there is also a new “voice lucky card” gameplay. As long as you say “I want a lucky card” to the Tmall wizard, you will have the opportunity to get an additional random lucky card.

Use Tmall Genie to get “Random Lucky Card”

This is also the first time that Tmall Genie has participated in Alipay’s Wufu event. According to the official introduction, in this five blessings event, Alipay users can get up to 3 blessing cards through AR sweeps every day, but if you grab blessing cards by voice through the Tmall wizard, you can get an additional random chance on this basis. Fu card, in addition, users can also receive this additional Fu card through the Tmall Wizard App. After receiving it, the card can be redeemed in the Alipay homepage-card package, which greatly increases the probability of obtaining “Professional Fu”.

Up to now, more than 500,000 people have gathered the “Five Fortunes” on Alipay. Tmall Elf revealed that as an important participant in the five-fortune-collecting event, it also launched a limited customized prize “Five-Five Elf” with Internet Commercial Bank this year. Small businesses will have a chance to collect their lucky charms and broadcast the star version of Alipay. voice.

Merchants use “Wufu Wizard”