All hybrid version? Toyota's next-generation Sienna power exposure: confirmation of domestic production

As a family-friendly MPV, there is a long history of information about the domestic production of Toyota Sienna.

The Toyota plans in China revealed a few days ago show that the new-generation Sienna will be put into production in Liangfeng, and its codenames in Guangfeng and Yifeng are 825B and 82 * B, respectively. This also means that the car is officially introduced domestically, which resolves the current embarrassing situation of Toyota without a domestic MPV.


It is reported that the new generation of Sienna will be released at the end of 2020 and will be the first to be launched in the North American market. In addition, GAC Toyota and FAW Toyota also plan to make a whole new generation of Sienna, the specific introduction time is expected in 2021.

Recently, foreign media revealed that the new Sienna or the entire system uses a hybrid power system. It is understood that the news comes from Toyota dealer conference in the United States, so it has a high degree of credibility.

It should be noted that the new generation of Highlander hybrid version released by Toyota North America abandoned the 3.5L V6 engine and adopted a more economical 2.5L four-cylinder engine + electric motor combination.

Therefore, the entire new generation Sienna hybrid system based on the TNGA architecture may also use a "small displacement" engine, namely a 2.5L engine + electric motor . Of course, it is not excluded to continue to use 3.5L V6 power.

Taking into account the domestic automobile market, it is more likely that the new generation of Sienna will be equipped with 2.5L and 2.5L hybrid systems. For more information about the car, we will continue to pay attention.