All new Xiaomi phones are equipped with the Snapdragon 8 series mobile platform! May be the Pro version

The Xiaomi brand recently released the Xiaomi Mi 11 mobile phone. This series of models is thought to be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform. The phone is sought after by many consumers because of its outstanding performance and brand new design. On January 20, the Weibo blogger @数码闲聊站 posted an article stating that a Xiaomi model equipped with a high-performance mobile platform of the Snapdragon 8 series has been launched.

Xiaomi’s new machine exposed

From the information released by the blogger, we can know that there are two Xiaomi mobile phones connected to the network this time. The models of these two mobile phones are M2012K11C and M2101K7AC. Both are 5G digital mobile phones, which are 5G mobile phones. The application unit is Xiaomi Communication Technology. Limited company. At present, Xiaomi has not disclosed which models of these two phones are, but there is a message in the comment area to guess that it is the other two phones of the Xiaomi 11 series, and some are guessed to be the Redmi K40 series.

小米11 Pro全新渲染图曝光(图源微博)
The new rendering of Xiaomi 11 Pro is exposed (source of Weibo)

In other respects, a rendering of a suspected Xiaomi 11 Pro phone was exposed before. The picture shows that the phone uses the same design of the upper left hole-digging screen as the Xiaomi 11, supplemented by a curved screen, and the visual impression is very good. The biggest difference between this machine and Mi 11 is on the back. The rendering shows that Mi 11 Pro adopts a four-camera design. The four cameras are evenly arranged in two rows, the flash is on the right, and the overall design is a matrix.