All systems come standard with AR real-time navigation! Chery's new Star Way TXL goes on sale starting at 140,000

In terms of entering the high-end brand camp, Chery can be said to have made a lot of effort recently, and it has frequently exerted its efforts on the Starway brand.

Some time ago, the Xingtu VX pre-sold at the Beijing Auto Show brought Chery's car prices to a new height. The price of Xingtu VX 2.0T version is likely to exceed 200,000 yuan (USD $28571) .

In order to improve the model brand layout, a new generation of Xingtu TXL was also launched.

A few days ago, we learned from the official that the new Xingtu TXL is the official boss. The new car has launched a total of 5 models, equipped with a 1.6T engine, and the price range is 139,99 to 175,900 yuan (USD $25129) .

The new car is positioned as a medium-sized SUV for household use. It is built on the Xingtu M3X platform, and has been upgraded in all aspects of internal and external design, space, quality, configuration, and intelligence.

Specifically, the front face of the new car uses the iconic big mouth design of the Xingtu family, flat LED headlights, and a blackened version of the "EXEED" Xingtu logo, making the high-end texture of the whole car vivid. At the same time, the vehicle uses vertical daytime running lights, and the vehicle model is extremely recognizable.

The interior is the current popular dual-type large screen, the center console is wrapped in leather material, and the technology and high-end texture inside the car are sufficient.

Thanks to the large body, the design of the mid-channel is also wide, but the electronic shift handle appears a bit smaller, which is not compatible with the size of the mid-channel.

In terms of configuration, the Star Way official also has good sincerity. The new roof is equipped with a four-wheel drive model, and the whole system comes standard with active and passive safety systems.

Except for the lowest equipped models, all models support active safety systems with pedestrian and bicycle recognition. In addition, all new cars are equipped with AR enhanced real-time navigation as standard, which greatly improves the convenience of the driver.

As a medium-sized SUV model, its length, width and height are 4780mm/1885mm/1730mm respectively, and the wheelbase reaches 2800mm. Compared with similar models, the interior space of the vehicle is superior.

In the power section, the new car is equipped with a 1.6T engine with a maximum power of 145kW and a peak torque of 290N·m. It is matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Although the 1.6T engine is sufficient, the 2.0T engine can be regarded as standard for domestic models at this price.

The current Chery 2.0T engine has just been installed on the Xingtu VX. It is foreseeable that with the increase of 2.0T engine production capacity in the later period, Xingtu TXL will also use 2.0T on the car.