Amd extreme price first choice! A520 third generation Ruilong motherboard officially launched

8月18日晚,AMD A520芯片组的新一代桌面主板正式解禁上市,华硕、技嘉、微星、华擎、映泰、七彩虹、铭瑄等的40多款产品陆续上市。

So far, amd 500 Series motherboard family finally gathered together, A520, b550, x570 complete coverage of all price segments.

A520 will replace the previous A320 and become the most entry-level partner of sharp Dragon (including speeddragon). Especially after the manufacturing, specification and price of b550 motherboard have gone up, A520 is the first choice for users pursuing cost performance.

At the same time, the specifications and parameters of the A520 chipset are finally disclosed. Compared with the A320, it mainly upgrades the general output channel of the chipset from the PCIe 2.0 X4 to the PCIe 3.0 X4. At the same time, it perfectly supports the third generation of Reebok, and at this time, it can obtain four additional USB 3.0 interfaces.

Unfortunately, the A520 does not have the pci4.0. When it is used with the Reebok, whether it is a stand-alone graphics card or a hard disk, it is all pci3.0, with 16 channels and 4 channels respectively. The latter can be configured as one X4 nvme or one x2 nvme + two SATA or two x2 nvme. Moreover, the same is true of the A320.

In addition, the A520 supports one USB 3.110gbps, two USB 3.05gbps, six USB 2.0 480mbps interfaces, two SATA 6gbps interfaces, no dual video cards and no overclocking.

In terms of processor support, although amd officially said that the A520 only supports three generations of the sharp dragon family, since they are all AM4 interfaces, it depends on the specific settings of the motherboard. Moreover, the official will definitely support the next generation of sharp dragon with the soon to be released Zen 3 architecture.

In terms of price, the lowest price of A320 motherboard is 399 yuan (USD $57) . Of course, there are also expensive ones. For example, Huaqing’s Wi Fi itx board sold for 849 yuan (USD $121) . In short, there is a lot of space to choose. The first batch includes:

Mingxuan challenger a520m: 399 yuan (USD $57)

Jijia a520m ds3h: 578 yuan (USD $83)

ASUS tuf gaming a520-plus: 599 yuan (USD $86)

Huaqing a520m pro4: 699 yuan (USD $100)

Huaqing a520m itx / AC: 849 yuan (USD $121)