AMD releases mobile Ryzen 9 processor with 8 core frequency up to 4.3GHz

At this year's CES exhibition, AMD released a mobile Zen2 processor based on a 7nm process, including low voltage and standard voltage. Recently, with the launch of new Ryzen processor notebooks, AMD has added two new members to the mobile Zen2 processor family, namely Ryzen 9 mobile.

Speaking of Ryzen 9, many people may think of performance monsters such as desktop-level 3950X 16-core 32-thread, but the Ryzen 9 on the mobile side does not develop in the direction of multi-core, but instead uses a better core Die to focus on improving processing. Clocked.

The Ryzen 9 processor this time includes two models, namely 4900H and 4900HS, both of which are 8-core 16-thread design, L3 cache 12MB, built-in Vega8 core display, and the frequency is 1750MHz. The following is a comparison of the data of all Zen2 standard pressure processors:

We can see that the frequency of the Ryzen 9 processor has been further improved compared to the Ryzen 7. The Ryzen 9 4900H has an acceleration frequency of 4.4GHz, which is close to the desktop-level Ryzen 7 3700X, but its TDP is only 45W, while the 3700X TDP is 65W.