AMD Ryzen 9 5900H exposure: based on Zen 3 architecture, can be overclocked

It has been reported that AMD will release the mobile version of the Ryzen 5000 series processors during the CES show in January next year, including 5000U for thin and light notebooks and 5000H for performance products and gaming notebooks.

According to the news of @ExecuFix, the Ruilong 9 5900H will follow the 4900H specifications. The CPU part adopts Zen 3 architecture, 8 core 16 thread design, built-in Vega 8 core display, thermal design power consumption 35-54W, but the frequency will be higher, and it supports overclocking.

If the news is true, Ryzen 9 5900H will be AMD’s first mobile processor that supports overclocking, and its direct competitor should be the Intel HK series.

Another good news is that the 5000H series will adopt the Zen 3 CPU architecture for all systems, and will not mix Zen 2 and Zen 3 like the 5000U.

After all, for gaming laptops and other products, the Zen 3 architecture may not only bring higher frequencies and performance, but more importantly, support for technologies such as PCIe 4.0. These features allow graphics cards and solid-state drives to achieve better performance, and AMD is one of the earliest manufacturers to promote PCIe 4.0 technology in the mainstream consumer field.