Amd should be cheap? These amd books can also be excellent

If amd had not released the sharp dragon processor, consumers would never have thought of buying a computer with excellent performance and acceptable quality, which would not have cost so much. In 2018, the price of a mainstream light and thin version needs to be more than 5000 yuan (USD $714) . But now, if you buy a mainstream light and light version, the price is less than 4000 yuan (USD $571) . The times have really changed.

At the price of 3000-4000 yuan (USD $429) , most of them use amd sharp dragon processor, with 8GB or 16GB and 512gb solid-state hard disk cheap and thin. If the same notebook if Intel or amd two platforms version, then amd sharp dragon version will often be cheaper than 1000 yuan (USD $143) .

But this will lead to a misunderstanding, that is, consumers think that the notebook equipped with AMD processor should be cheap, that is, cheap products, and high-end notebook should buy Intel platform.

Is this a familiar sentence?

However, this is not the case. After various tests, this generation of AMD sharp dragon 4000 series processor has a much higher energy consumption ratio than core processor, and has more cores and stronger comprehensive performance.

In addition, software companies are constantly optimizing the performance of AMD sharp dragon processors. Amd sharp dragon processors are more suitable for high-end lightweight books with limited cooling effect than Intel.

The latest version of adobe PR software adds accelerated support for AMD graphics cards

If you want to say that AMD sharp dragon processor has any bad place, it is to have to match high frequency memory to give full play to its proper performance. And it does not support lightning 3 interface.

For example, redmi and Honor only provide 2666 MHz memory for AMD sharp dragon processor, and the performance is definitely lower than Lenovo’s new series notebook with 3200mhz memory.

Fortunately, manufacturers are also trying to move amd processors away from the low-end entry-level position and focus on medium and high-end products. Lenovo, HP and ASUS have similar products.

Lenovo yoga 14s 2020 model 5499 yuan (USD $786)

In fact, this product can be regarded as a sharp dragon version of the yoga s740, with the same shape. As the positioning of yoga in Lenovo’s product line is higher than that of Xiaoxin series, both the workmanship and configuration of products will be higher.

Despite the price of 5499 yuan (USD $786) , the yoga 14s is equipped with an R7 4800u processor with eight cores and sixteen threads, and its performance is sure to complete the i5-1035g1 of s740.

The machine weight is 1.43kg and the thickness is 14.9mm. It also supports face recognition and WiFi 6.

ThinkPad x13 Ruilong edition RMB 5499

Last year, the ThinkPad x395 equipped with a sharp dragon processor has a very high performance price ratio, and the price was even lower than 4000 yuan (USD $571) a few days ago. For ThinkPad X series products, it is valuable.

In the ThinkPad product line, the positioning from low to high is E & lt; T & lt; X & lt; P. the recently released ThinkPad x13 Ruilong version is also an excellent medium and high-end product.

Equipped with 5 Pro 4650u processor, 16GB memory and 512gb SSD, the screen is a 13 inch 1080p 100% sRGB high gamut screen. The whole machine is 1.3KG, 16.9mm.

Of course, the ThinkPad x13 has passed 12 tests based on mil-std-810g, which is a serious business book.

ASUS lingyao 14 sharp dragon edition 5699 yuan (USD $814)

This book, which I have mentioned before, is one of the few cost-effective products in ASUS lingyao series. After all, ASUS lingyao is also a medium and high-end lightweight product line.

The ASUS lingyao 14 Ruilong version is equipped with a R7 4700u processor, 16GB of memory and 512gb of SSD, and a 14 inch 1080p 100% sRGB panel.

The biggest selling point is the light and small fuselage. The thickness of the whole machine is 13.5mm and the weight is 1.2kg. The battery capacity is 67wh, which is larger than the above models.

At the same time, this book has passed the & nbsp; mil-std-810g standard test. It is very rare for a light and thin book with narrow border.

HP envy X360 13 5999 yuan (USD $51)

This should be HP’s second model worth buying this year in addition to the 663. HP’s envy X360 13 has always been used as the AMD sharp dragon processor. In this generation, it has finally turned over, but the memory does not have the option of 16GB, which is a pity.

As a 360 degree flip laptop, this generation of envy X360 13 has narrowed the chin of the screen to make it look more harmonious. The screen is still a touch enabled 1080p 13 inch 72% NTSC panel, but the pen will be purchased separately.

This book does not support usb-c charging, the thickness of the whole machine is 16.4mm, and the weight is 1.32kg. HP has proved that usb-a interface can also be flat, so other manufacturers should not make excuses for not giving usb-a & nbsp; ports.

I believe that AMD’s market share continues to rise, and there will be more and more high-end and light-weight books carrying amd sharp dragon processors in the future.

When USB4 is popular, Intel’s thunder 3 interface advantage is not obvious.