AMD Yes! 7nm Ryzen notebook finally released

Yesterday can be said to be a happy day for all AMD fans. There are three happy events in total:

  • First: Microsoft announced the detailed configuration information of the Xbox Series X. It uses the chip solution provided by AMD and supports ray tracing.
  • Second: AMD released a mobile version of the Ryzen 9 processor, the parameters are close to the desktop-level Ryzen 7 3700X
  • Third: that ’s what I ’m going to say today. Notebooks with 7nm Ryzen processors are finally on the market.

There may be many people who don't have a concept for AMD's latest 7nm mobile processor. Friends who are interested can go back to the previous article to review it . In one sentence, it is described as "saving money and stronger".

At present, there are two 7nm Ryzen notebooks on the JD. One is Acer's legendary thin and light notebook , and the other is a 15.6-inch gaming notebook selected by ASUS . Although it is a new name, a closer look reveals that it is actually Acer's Hummingbird and Asus' Flying Fortress .

▼ Acer Legend

▼ ASUS Choice

First of all, let's take a look at this legendary thin and light notebook, equipped with AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor, 8GB + 512GB starting price 3499 yuan (USD $500) , 16GB + 512GB price 3999 yuan (USD $571) , looks cost-effective look. After all, the current brands with 16GB of light and thin memory that can achieve less than 4,000 yuan (USD $571) are only Redmi and Honor.

Although the price is relatively low, Acer's legendary mold is not bad. The overall weight is 1.12Kg, which is the same as the previous Acer New Hummingbird 3, with a thickness of 15.9mm.

The screen is a 16: 9 ratio IPS panel. There is no mention of 72% NTSC or 100% sRGB, indicating that the screen quality is different. But considering that they only sell for 4,000 yuan (USD $571) , what kind of bicycle is needed?

This Acer Legend laptop also has a built-in WiFi6 network card. Although a WiFi6 wireless network card is not valuable, e-commerce platforms can be purchased for less than 100 yuan (USD $14) to upgrade their laptops. But remember that Huawei MateBook 2020 models do not have WiFi6 on all lines, you know how Acer has conscience.

The last point is a full-featured USB-C interface that supports PD charging, which means you can sell additional third-party chargers to power it.

In general, Acer's legendary notebook is still good value, it is recommended to start directly with the 16GB version. It should be noted that it will only be available on April 7th, and other brands will successively launch similarly positioned notebooks. Friends in need can continue to follow our articles.

Then I want to say this ASUS talent game. I can understand the benefits of using the Chinese name to advertise in the mainland market and it will be easier for consumers to remember. But if the name can be considered carefully, I think it would be good for ZenBook to become Lingyao, but I can't stand some second-name names. Compared Swift and TUF, and you will be more like the legendary days of the election it?

Today, I randomly tweeted and found that MSI was also collecting Chinese names for its GE series games. I almost laughed when I saw the candidate list.

Closer to home, I am very sensitive about Asus (non-ROG) notebook products. After all, Asus has done many "starters" in the notebook market. Although this ASUS genius game book uses a novel two-dimensional method for publicity, a closer look is actually a skin replacement product for TUF Gaming.

▼ Even the LOGO of the body is not willing to change

The cooperation between ASUS and AMD has always been very close. The first brand in the mainland market to launch an AMD processor gaming notebook was ASUS, even in high-end ROG product lines. However, word of mouth is not good. After all, the performance of previous-generation AMD processors has no advantage over Intel, and the products are not particularly cheap.

According to official AMD propaganda, the gaming performance of this generation of Ryzen 7 4800H crushes the i7-9750H. The ASUS version with GTX 1660Ti graphics card is priced at 6999 yuan (USD $1000) , while the Intel version of Flying Fortress 7 is 6999 yuan (USD $1000) . The price does not seem beautiful.

▼ Ruiron 7 4800H is said to have gaming performance comparable to desktop i7-9700K

Although the screen is upgraded to 144Hz, the refresh rate may still be a 45% NTSC screen according to official publicity. It is also doubtful whether QLC will be used for solid state drives. After all, these operations have precedents in Asus gaming books.

Asus notebooks have been left unattended in the digital world for a long time, and the launch of this selection is believed to not change this situation.

Now the game market is actually in a relatively sluggish state. It will be hard to say whether other brands will continue to follow up on AMD processor game books. But I hope this kind of product is better.

The listing of AMD's next-generation processor notebooks is bound to further expand AMD's market share. It may not take long for the low-end market to be all AMD's territory.