AMD's new graphics card specifications and benchmark exposure, performance surpasses RTX3080 by about 8%

AMD previously announced that it will release a new generation of graphics card products on October 29, but recently foreign media VideoCardz said that it has learned more specifications of the new graphics card from other channels. And on October 23, the foreign media TechPowerUp platform also reported that some testers had exposed the “Big Navi” GPU running score information in advance.

The id of @CapFrameX broke the news that Big Navi GPU scored 11500 points in the 3Dmark Firestrike Ultra test, while Nvidia RTX 3080 scored 10600 points, which is about 8% higher in performance. This is slightly better than previous rumors. The RTX3080 message matches.

Foreign media VideoCardz also gave news that AMD will launch three series of graphics cards RX 6900, RX6800 and RX 6700, and give some of the graphics card specifications. The strongest RX 6900XT will have 80 CU, that is, 5120 stream processor, 16GB GDDR6 video memory, 256bit bit width, game frequency 2040MHz, Boos frequency 2330MHz.

RX 6700XT will be equipped with 40 CU, 2560 stream processor, equipped with 12GB video memory; RX 6800 will be equipped with 64 CU, 4096 stream processor, equipped with 16GB GDDR6 video memory, game frequency 1815MHz, Boostp frequency 2105MHz; RX 6800XT will be equipped with 72 CU, 4608 stream Processor, equipped with 16GB GDDR6 video memory, game frequency 2015MHz, Boost frequency 2250MHz. For more detailed specifications of the new graphics card, you may have to wait for the official release of the 29th product. I don’t know what price AMD will give.