American car friends revealed that Tesla's new car airbag has fallen off! The truth is reversed deliberately touched porcelain

Some time ago, a video uploaded by an American netizen showed a Tesla Mdoel S Plaid model. After removing the protective film of the central control screen of the new car, he discovered that the airbag assembly of the vehicle was not fixed to the steering wheel.

He took off the airbag module with a light hand. In this regard, the rider was very shocked and asked why this happened to Tesla.

After the matter was fermented on the Internet, it was heatedly discussed by netizens, and many people have accused Tesla of failing the quality of the assembly process.

However, just as the incident became more and more troublesome, the rider uploaded a video again. The content was that he wanted to apologize to Musk, saying that the video was actually fake and he himself was purely trying to touch porcelain.

The rider said that the car was not his own. He ran to the Tesla delivery center and got into an unlocked car when people were not paying attention, and filmed this video.

He also explained that he didn't know how to walk into this unlocked Tesla, and then received a call from the police station saying that he shouldn't have entered that car. He expressed his apologies and ordered a Tesla himself.

In fact, the Tesla with the airbag dropped in the video is in transportation mode and may not be delivered to consumers. If it is delivered to consumers, such an oolong accident should not happen.

So far, the American rider has not deleted the video of the airbag falling, and Tesla has not yet made a relevant response. We will also keep an eye on the follow-up situation.