American famous mouth Kramer: NIO car will become "the next Tesla"

Sina Technology News on the afternoon of January 12, according to reports, well-known American stock market commentator Jim Cramer (Jim Cramer) said today that Chinese electric vehicle start-up NIO Auto (NYSE: NIO) is attracting more and more young people Investors, it is expected to become the "next Tesla."

Kramer said that the stock price of NIO Motors is rising, mainly because young investors have begun to buy this stock and believe that NIO Motors will become the "next Tesla."

Last week, NIO Motors launched its first flagship sedan "NIO ET7" with a maximum range of over 1,000 kilometers. Subsequently, many investment banks raised their target stock prices. Among them, JPMorgan Chase raised its target stock price to $75, the highest on Wall Street.

On Monday, NIO Auto’s share price rose by more than 13%, pushing the company's share price to a record high. In the past year, NIO Automotive shares have risen by more than 1700%.

Clay defaulted that NIO auto stock is a hot Chinese stock. He said: "It really caught the hearts of young people. People think that NIO cars will be the next Tesla. Young people have been looking for the'next Tesla' and now they seem to have found the answer."

Kramer also said: "While the Tesla stock is exciting, we seem to often forget the significance of Tesla as a company and its representatives. Today, it has a challenger: NIO cars. This Chinese company The manufacturer has just released a new luxury electric car, which is full of praise, and many of its features are comparable to Tesla."

Last Saturday, NIO Automotive released its first flagship sedan "NIO ET7", which has built-in autonomous driving technology that is said to have surpassed Tesla. Li Bin, the founder and chairman of NIO Automobile, said that the model will be delivered in the first quarter of 2022.

Kramer said: "We have seen the electric car battery that people like, and we see it is about to launch a real challenge to Tesla." Nevertheless, given the huge growth potential of the electric car market, Clay defaulted to this Both companies have a lot of room for development.

At present, although NIO cars have increased production, their deliveries are still significantly behind Tesla. NIO Automotive said its deliveries in 2020 more than doubled from a year ago to 43,728 vehicles. In comparison, Tesla delivered 499,550 cars in 2020.