Ancestral fast charge is finally upgraded, Meizu 17 may use 30w wired charging

As a Meizu user, charging is always a pain. When the fast charging of other brands has rushed to more than 50W, Meizu mobile phones are still using mCharge fast charging with only 24W. Based on the MediaTek PE protocol, the charging time is not generally slow. In addition, MediaTek's PE protocol is inefficient, the power drops rapidly, and the bright screen charging power is not high, so the experience is very average.

This situation may improve this year. According to the news of the head network, a picture of a Meizu head with a power of 30W appeared on the network, the model is UP1030, and the output specification is 10v3a. The design of this charging head is very close to the existing official charging head of Meizu, so the authenticity is very high.

And the charging head network also claims that this year Meizu 17 will use charge pump fast charging technology, the power is exactly 30W, and wireless charging will also be arranged.

Regarding the appearance design of Meizu 17, it looks like the following. I wonder if users will buy it?