Android 10+ self-developed black technology blessing, Huawei EMUI 10 users broke 100 million

On March 23, Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei ’s consumer BG software department, announced on Weibo that the number of upgraded users of Huawei ’s EMUI 10 system worldwide exceeded 100 million. Huawei said that there are currently more than 33 Huawei mobile phones and tablet products that can be smoothly upgraded to the new system.

It is reported that Huawei EMUI 10 was officially released with the Huawei Mate 30 series in September 2019. The bottom layer uses Google's latest Android 10 system. Huawei not only made drastic improvements to the bottom layer of the native Android 10 system, but also added a lot of Self-developed black technology, such as the Ark compiler, GPU Turbo game acceleration, EROFS file system, AI assistant, etc.

It is understood that the Huawei EMUI 10 system uses a new UX design, which not only has a huge improvement in system fluency and response speed, but also added a dark mode that is now normalizing. In addition, EMUI 10 also adds a lot of interesting features for AI, such as airborne operation with the integrated sensors in the bangs screen, and automatic recognition of the angle at which the face is watching the screen.

Huawei EMUI 10 breaks down the barriers between Huawei's various devices. Huawei mobile phones, notebooks, watches, etc. can be distributed across platforms and systems to realize black technologies such as one-touch transmission and multi-screen collaboration. What else do you recommend for Huawei EMUI 10 system? Comments are welcome.