Android 11 is coming? Google Pixel 4 is already equipped

Although Google released the Android 10 operating system in September 2019, domestic Android users have basically upgraded to the Android 10 system in the last two months. Recently, on the benchmark test software GeekBench 5, the "pro-son" Google Pixel 4 has been found to run Android 11 system. It is speculated that internal Google employees accidentally leaked ROM during the test phase.

At present, there is not much information about the Android 11 system. Foreign media speculate that Android 11 will add some new features: remove the maximum 4GB video limit, allow third-party applications to call the calling API, and avoid disabling Bluetooth and other features after turning on airplane mode. Connection, local storage of digital ID, and better low power consumption.

In fact, in March of last year, Google has launched the first Android Q preview version on the "pro-son" series of phones, and it was officially launched in September 2019 after six large test versions. According to this rhythm, it is not strange to expose Android 11 this time.

In addition, there is also the latest news about Google's new machine. A few days ago, XDA exposed two unreleased new Pixel series phones, namely the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a XL. The two phones are equipped with Snapdragon 730/765 processors and use mining. Hole screen design, screen size or 5.7 inches, 4G + 64G storage combination, rear single 12.2 million pixels. Or will be equipped with the latest Android 11 operating system.