Android 12 details exposure: Google introduces new color system, new UI makes readability difficult

According to the latest foreign media reports, Google has added new colors to Android 12, which may cause users to have difficulty reading.

Foreign media SlashGear pointed out that Google has injected a "Space" color theme similar to the Pixel product line into the new Android system. It is said that in addition to the official preset colors, users can also pick colors from any source they are interested in.

According to the report, Google’s work on this theme system shows that there are some system/App-wide color adjustment/change functions.

Some sources said that the theme color system Google is using is somewhat similar to the dark mode introduced in Android 10. However, if the developer does not have the resources to opt-in support, some content may be difficult to view after enabling the dark mode.

This change may not bring much change to the surface UI of Android 12, but from the perspective of preference analysis, most people may prefer Sea Foam Green, although doing so may make black and white text available. Readability becomes quite uncomfortable.