Android and iOS are all updated. How many new features are there this time?

Recently, two major mobile systems, Android and iOS, have received major version updates.

The former released the second version (DP2) of the Android 11 Developer Preview; the latter pushed the final beta (GM) of iOS 13.4.

For ordinary users, the two new versions are not recommended, after all, they are beta versions.

But the official version will arrive sooner or later, and it is good to know the update in advance.

Android 11 Developer Preview 2

Compared with the first preview version, Android 11 DP2 has not many updates, but it involves many hotspots, such as 5G, folding screen, refresh rate, etc.

  • 5G Status API

Android 11 DP2 adds a 5G status API, which allows applications to know whether they are currently on a 5G network.

With this interface, applications can provide high-bandwidth dedicated services when they detect access to a 5G network. Based on this information, you can also issue a prompt such as "The current Internet speed is too fast, pay attention to traffic consumption."

There is really no idea. Simply displaying a 5G icon or animation to enhance the ritual sense of the 5G network is also good.

  • Hinge angle of foldable device

The recent launch of Huawei Mate Xs and Samsung Z Flip has boosted the popularity of folding machines.

On Android 11 DP2, the app can get the screen's expanded angle.

What's the use of the app to get this information? Take the input method as an example, this kind of APP can develop a notebook keyboard mode. When the phone is expanded to 120 °, it automatically switches the full keyboard and covers the half screen to provide a two-handed input experience.

Since Samsung Z Flip is called a compact box, it is better to automatically turn on the mirror function when it detects a 90-degree unfolding, and truly enter the beauty industry.

  • About refresh rate

Running applications that support only 60 frames at 120Hz increases the power consumption nakedly. Therefore, Android 11 DP2 provides an application preferred frame rate interface.

King Honor currently only supports frames. After setting the preferred frame rate, the screen refresh rate will automatically match to 60Hz when running King of Honor, without having to waste time refreshing.

Although some manufacturers have provided the automatic refresh rate option, the underlying system adaptation is more convenient than the third-party vendor adaptation.

  • More natural input method animation

What is input method animation? The keyboard pops up and closes.

For example, after clicking the WeChat input box, the bottom of WeChat moves up and the input method pops up. Ideally, these two animations should be synchronized frame by frame, that is, the input method pops up as much as the bottom of WeChat moves up.

But the reality is that these two actions cannot be done at the same time. Some mobile phones may experience severe dropped frames or freezes when the input method is turned on.

So Android 11 DP2 added a new API to allow input methods to accurately synchronize with the UI. The following two animation effects are implemented under the new API.

  • privacy

In terms of privacy protection, Android has new surprises every time. This time, Android 11 DP2 further restricted microphone and camera permissions. If the application does not provide foreground services, these two interfaces cannot be called.

In general, Android 11 DP2 mainly provides more interfaces for developers. If the APP can be used flexibly, the software experience in the future will definitely be better.

Let's take a look at the latest iOS 13.4 GM

Compared to Android 11 DP2, iOS 13.4 doesn't have much content. After all, this is already the fourth version of iOS 13.

  • Added 9 new Memoji and Animoji, including shock, love, white eyes, etc.

  • Share iCloud Drive folder

  • Improve iPad mouse and trackpad support

Yesterday, Apple introduced a smart keyboard with a touchpad for the iPad Pro. Now the software will also be updated, and multi-touch gestures and dedicated cursors will be added to the iPad.

In addition, iOS 13.4 also introduced some detailed changes, such as improved mail toolbar, CarPlay control, Safari address bar, and more.

It is reported that the iOS 13.4 pushed today is the GM version, which is the final beta version. The official version is expected to be available to all users on March 25.

It is worth noting that iOS 13.4 has tested transportation cards such as Lingnantong, Shenzhentong, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Interconnect Card in small and medium-sized test versions, and they may appear in the official version.

Which of these new features do you expect more?