Android leader: Microsoft dual screen surface Duo

The Android leader has just unveiled his new machine, which is Microsoft’s dual screen surface duo, which has not yet been officially released.

Hiroshi lockheimer is the senior vice president of Google and is in charge of Android, chrome, Chrome OS, images and communications products.

The photos don’t give more details of the new machine, but the usb-c interface at the bottom is obvious.


According to the rendering of evleaks, the surface duo has no external screen, and the inner screen is connected by two 5.6-inch screens through hinges. In terms of basic parameters, the machine runs on the snapdragon 855 platform, 6GB ram, 256gb ROM, 11m pixel main camera, 3460mah battery.


Due to the consideration of dual screen adaptation, Microsoft and Google have cooperated in depth to make the system of Android 10.

In terms of release time, according to the information leaked by the operator at & amp; t, August 12 can be expected.