Anmeng officially appointed as Qualcomm CEO to promote the diversified development of Qualcomm's business

This week, on the 36th anniversary of Qualcomm’s founding, Cristiano Amon officially took office and became the fourth CEO in Qualcomm’s history.

Anmeng joined Qualcomm in 1995. In the past 25 years, especially during his tenure as QCT president and company president, Anmeng has played a vital role in the development of Qualcomm. He not only led the formulation of company strategy and daily business operation management, but also promoted the formulation of industry-leading The technical product roadmap has promoted Qualcomm’s business diversification and expanded its business to new industries beyond smartphones, including automotive, computing, infrastructure/edge cloud, Internet of Things, RF front-end, connectivity, and networking. Of course, he also played an important role in promoting and accelerating the process of 5G deployment. Anmeng has a strategic vision, is good at solving complex problems, and has continuously made breakthroughs in uncertainties. After becoming CEO, Anmeng will continue to focus on the huge opportunities 5G brings to all walks of life, and the role that 5G will play in the digital transformation of many enterprises.

On the first day of taking office as CEO, Anmeng posted a video via social media and said: “I am very honored to be the CEO of Qualcomm and have the opportunity to lead such an amazing company. 25 years ago, I joined Qualcomm as an engineer. Over the years. One thing we always insist on is to focus on the research and development of transformative leading technologies. I believe that this will never change. For Qualcomm, this is an exciting time point-we continue to promote the evolution and expansion of 5G; The demand for Qualcomm technology and products is unprecedentedly high; our solutions are promoting the development of intelligent edge, helping the development of cloud and empowering the digital transformation of many industries. As we continue to develop, Qualcomm will continue to lead and accelerate wireless innovation, and Continue to focus on realizing our vision, which is to create a new world of intelligent interconnection between people and everything. We are at the beginning of a new decade full of innovative opportunities. We look forward to working with all partners and customers to realize this vision.” Click the link , Follow Anmeng Weibo and watch the full video.

In a letter sent to all employees, Anmeng said: “Our innovation has transformed multiple industries, improved the lives of billions of people, and helped solve many of the most complex social problems and challenges. By promoting intelligence With the development of mobile phones, we have helped narrow the digital divide; now, with the power of 5G, we are promoting the popularization of computing and further accelerating this process. Our technology is helping to build a better future. In short, when Qualcomm After establishing a connection with any industry, any field, and even any aspect of the world, it will promote and accelerate the interconnected digital future.”

Anmeng’s personal profile is as follows:

Anmeng currently serves as the president and CEO of Qualcomm, as well as a member of the company’s board of directors. Anmeng formally became the company’s CEO on June 30, 2021.

Anmeng joined Qualcomm as an engineer in 1995 and has held a number of leadership positions, helping the company formulate its strategic development direction. Before assuming the role of CEO, Anmeng served as the company’s president. As the company’s president, he led the formulation of an industry-leading differentiated product roadmap, created the company’s 5G strategy and its commercial acceleration and global deployment, and at the same time promoted Qualcomm’s business diversification and expansion into multiple new industries. Anmeng also successfully led the company’s related mergers and acquisitions, enhanced Qualcomm’s strength and accelerated its growth in key areas such as RF front-end, connectivity and networking.

Prior to serving as the company’s president, Anmeng served as the president of QCT and was fully responsible for the company’s semiconductor business. Before that, he also held a number of business and technical leadership positions, including overall responsibility for the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform.

Before joining Qualcomm, he served as the CTO of Brazilian wireless operator Vésper and held positions at NEC, Ericsson and Velocom.

Anmon holds a Bachelor of Science degree and an honorary doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering from the State University of Campinas in Sao Paulo (UNICAMP), Brazil. He is also the co-chair of the Internet of Things Committee at the Center of the Fourth Industrial Revolution of the World Economic Forum.