Another 5nm mobile phone chip announced, exclusively for China, vivo will debut

Next year’s flagship mobile phone chips, whether it is Apple’s A14, Huawei’s Kirin 9000, or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 875, will use the 5nm process technology without exception.

But there is also a powerful chip manufacturer that has gradually faded out of people’s vision. It is Samsung . Once its Exynos (Orion) processor was regarded as the best in the industry, Meizu a few years ago was able to obtain exclusive Exynos processing. The device has survived for a long time. But at the 7nm node, Samsung has failed to keep up with the process progress, and many orders have been snatched by TSMC. Now it seems that it is going to make another effort on 5nm .

A few days ago, Samsung Dr. Pan announced that Samsung will release the "Exynos 1080" processor. It uses a 5nm process and abandons the self-developed mongoose architecture. The first ARM public version of the Cortex-A78 CPU and Mali-G78 GPU will run on Antutu. The score exceeds 650,000 points , even higher than the current top-performance Snapdragon 865 model. This chip is exclusively for the Chinese market and is expected to be launched in December this year.

However, according to previous industry insiders @i冰宇宙’s revelations, Samsung Exynos 1080 did not use the higher performance X1 core. It should be positioned as a sub-flagship , not Samsung’s top performance 5nm chip. The flagship Exynos 2100 may It will be carried on the Korean version of S21 next year.

Among domestic mobile phone manufacturers, vivo has a close relationship with Samsung chips. The previous generation Exynos 980 has been jointly customized with vivo , and it was first released on its flagship model X30. Ice Universe also revealed that the Exynos 1080 will also make its debut on the vivo X60. Perhaps this will be the most powerful processor used by the vivo X series in recent years.