Another new force for car-building challenges Tesla, this time it is from a fellow countryman

I wonder if you have heard of the Lucid brand.

It was first co-founded in 2007 by Bernard Tse, a founding shareholder of Tesla, a former head of Tesla battery research and development, and a Chinese American, Xie Jiapeng, and the same Chinese American, Wen Shiming, a middle-level Oracle.

But in the next ten years, it was forgotten by everyone because of insufficient funds to make a complete car.

Until 2016, like many new energy car factory routines, they first got one or two prototype cars, fixed the ppt, and then encouraged people to make reservations. In this way, they launched their first car, Lucid Air.

At that time, the well-known Youtuber Marques Brownlee also reviewed this car, and Lucid also took a prototype car for a drag race with Model s.

Obviously, all kinds of campaign activities made Lucid won a lot of fame at the time, and there were also voices that Lucid would replace Tesla.

However, the good times did not last long. In 2017, Lucid was once again in crisis.

Although there are DOE (U.S. Department of Energy) loan funding, these loans can only be reimbursed for expenses and cannot be paid in advance, which is not very helpful for Lucid, who is just starting out and has a very large funding gap.

Therefore, many people are thinking that Lucid may only survive by seeking help from traditional auto giants. Soon after, Lucid approached Ford for help, but it was rejected in the end.

Fortunately, in September 2018, Lucid once again received a huge sum of US$1 billion from the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia , a Saudi investment company, whose boss is Saudi Prince Salman.

Obviously, after obtaining financing, Lucid was reborn again, and in 2020, Lucid is already gearing up for the launch of the new car.

Here I would like to briefly introduce Lucid's products

Lucid developed and produced batteries before building cars, so it has a unique aspect in the battery field. In the sixth season of Formula E, Lucid provided battery packs for the event.

The most important product is undoubtedly Lucid Air, its performance parameters are very eye-catching, 113 kWh battery pack, EPA certified mileage of 517 miles, and equipped with 900v charging technology, you can get 300 miles of mileage in 20 minutes.

The car is equipped with dual motors or triple motors. It is a high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor. The maximum power of each motor can reach 670ps. The motor incorporates an inverter and a planetary gear set transmission. The weight is only 74kg. The power can go to 1080ps.

Thanks to the fastback design, the size of the car is larger than the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, with a starting price of US$80,000 (plus tax concessions) and a maximum configuration of US$169,000.

Quite frankly, many car companies are arguing that they will put Tesla off the altar, and Lucid is no exception.

Based on the currently available information, Lucid Air’s direct competitor is Model S.

Let's talk about the difference between these two cars.

But in terms of product line, Tesla has everything from crossovers, compact cars to executive cars, but Lucid has only one Air.

In appearance, the design of Model S is relatively ordinary, similar to some ordinary executive-level cars, while Lucid Air is designed as a fastback type with a through-type lamp design, which looks more futuristic than Tesla.

In the interior space, Tesla Model S uses a family-style large-screen central control, while the design of Lucid Air is more inclined to the design of traditional luxury cars.

Especially the design of the central armrest area is more advanced than Model S, and of course the large screen is indispensable. As mentioned earlier, the car has many advantages in space.

In the battery comparison, Lucid Air has a 113 kWh battery pack and has a mileage of 517 miles, but only the Grand Tour version that starts at $139,000 and the more advanced Dream Edition have this configuration. The relevant data for the low-end version is also No announcement, and the Model S LR has a 100 kWh battery with a mileage of 402 miles.

Tesla has long prided itself on superior battery management. As an upstart, Lucid Air still has to wait until there is a real car to know the actual performance.

In terms of power, the high-power version of Lucid Air has 1080ps, but the Model S performance is only 785ps, which is 300ps more. With the lightweight technology of the motor, the Lucid Air Grand Touring version and the Lucid Air Dream Edition version are compared to the Model S LR version. To be lighter than 100kg, in the previous video, we also saw the acceleration performance of Lucid Air, but we don't know how the actual performance of the production version will be.

In terms of software, Tesla's software upgrades always give people a fresh feeling. From time to time, a series of OTAs will be launched. In this regard, Lucid Air may be at a disadvantage, but it is not without its advantages. The car supports Amazon's Alexa artificial intelligence system, which Tesla does not have.

In terms of autonomous driving, both parties have their own systems. Tesla is called Autopilot and Lucid is called Dream drive. At this stage, the systems of the two manufacturers have not yet reached the level of L3. However, in terms of the number of sensors and cameras, Lucid Air has 32 (1 front long-range radar, 1 front LiDar, 3 front cameras, 4 short-range radars, 4 side rear cameras, 1 rear camera, 1 There are two rear fisheye cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 1 driver monitoring camera, 4 surround cameras), while Model S has only 14 (1 mid-range radar, 1 front camera, 12 ultrasonic sensors).

Tesla's automatic driving on the highway, such as automatic lane changes, is still relatively stable. Now their team is mainly overcoming various situations on urban roads. We can also choose full self driving when buying a car, but the price is US$8,000.

LiDar is a device that continuously emits lasers and then analyzes the surrounding environment. It is considered a prerequisite for achieving L3 level. At this stage, Tesla is not installed, and Lucid Air is available, and it will be on sale. The basic version will be equipped with this device. At this stage, Lucid personnel are also working hard to achieve fully automated driving through continuous software optimization.

At present, Lucid has confirmed that the earliest time to market the new car is next spring.

Lucid Air Dream Edition is the first to come out. Lucid Air Grand Touring will be available in the summer, and Lucid Air Touring will be available in the second half of the year. The basic version of Lucid Air will take 2022. It is now available on Lucid's official website. .

Secretary's comment: Based on the above data, Lucid Air has the upper hand in many aspects of Model S configuration, but in terms of price, many people will be discouraged. Perhaps Lucid is now using an extension from high-end to low-end However, the success of Lucid Air is crucial to the establishment of brand reputation. After the new car comes out next year, we will see if Lucid can make a difference. Let us wait and see.