AnTuTu announced its September iOS device performance list, iPad Pro 4 is too strong

Recently, AnTuTu announced its iOS device performance ranking list for September this year. In general, the list has not changed much. The first place is still the 12.9-inch version of iPad Pro 4, with the help of the A12Z processor. It ran out a combined score of 716,762 in September.

From the list, the top three are iPad Pro 4 (12.9 inches), iPad Pro 4 (11 inches) and iPad Pro 3 (12.9 inches). Among them, the second-place iPad Pro 4 (12.9 inches) is also equipped with an A12Z processor, and its comprehensive running score is 708060 points.

The third-place iPad Pro 3 (12.9 inches) is equipped with the A12X processor, which is weaker than the A12Z on both the CPU and GPU, but it still helps the iPad Pro 3 (12.9 inches) to surpass the 707,184 high. Minute. In addition, the fourth to ten places are iPad Pro 3 (11 inches), iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPad Air 3, iPhone SE2, iPad mini 5.

It is worth mentioning that Apple’s new A14 chip was released in September, but the model it carries has not yet been officially launched, so it can only be absent from the list. I believe that after Apple released the iPhone 12 series in October, Antutu The iOS device performance list ranking will undergo great changes and it is worth looking forward to.