AnTuTu announces Android performance rankings, vivo wins the championship

On October 12th, Antutu officially released the Android mobile phone performance ranking list for September. It counts the running scores of mid-to-high-end Android phones until September. The highest running score is iQOO 5 Pro, with a score of 663752. The second is iQOO 5 with a score of 662165.

The performance of the two phones in the iQOO 5 series can be said to be quite good, and the third place is the Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition, with a running score of 648624. In this list, the most surprising thing is the running scores of the two Snapdragon 865Plus phones. The rescuer gaming phone Pro and ROG gaming phone 3 are both equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865Plus processor, which is positioned as Snapdragon 865Plus. The overclocked version of the Dragon 865, but it is not as good as the Snapdragon 865 in actual performance.

For running mad demons and heavy game players, the actual experience may be that the iQOO 5 series is better. In addition, we can also see that this year vivo has made a lot of efforts in optimization and overclocking. In the top 5 of the list, vivo's mobile phones occupy 3 seats.

On the other hand, the two phones of Redmi 10X in the ranking of mid-range mobile phones are grandma's first and second places, with a running score of 390,000. The Tianji 820 has surpassed the Snapdragon 855. The performance is not worse than the previous generation of flagship phones. The following third to eighth places are Huawei and Honor mobile phones. It can be said that in the mid-range mobile phone market, Huawei and Honor are still the home courts.

In general, the current mid-to-high-end mobile phones have been fully improved in terms of performance and features compared to mobile phones of the same price last year. Considering that the time comes to the end of the year, friends who want to change phones can use this as an example. reference.