Aoyou Communications released the first 4W DMR multi-mode smart walkie-talkie

Shenzhen Aoyou Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales. The company officially listed the first 4W DMR intelligent multi-mode walkie-talkie in October 2020. AORO M6 smart multi-mode intercom, supports DMR digital-analog intercom (digital intercom + analog intercom), and supports POC public network intercom; smart multi-mode intercom can be used in enterprise/government office, military and police security, emergency rescue and disaster relief , Coal mining, port shipping, power chemical industry, airport tunnels and other special industries.

AORO M6 smart multi-mode walkie-talkie supports LTE private network functions (1.4G government network, 1.8G enterprise network, 400M/600M portable mobile network, LTE-R railway private network, GSM-R railway private network). Using standard mini PCIE card slot design, it has been adapted to base stations such as ZTE, Huawei, Datang, Sanyuanda, and Anke.

The Aoyou smart multi-mode intercom has extended the design elements of the Aoyou brand, with a DMR hardware intercom on the left, a POC public network intercom on the right, and an external interface in the upper right corner. It can provide customized services for customers. The front LOGO, the rear LOGO, the rear nameplate, and the left and right sides are designed with two numbered nameplates, which are convenient for users to manage the terminal.

Aoyou M6 smart multi-mode walkie-talkie (intercom terminal) 21 million rear camera, LTE flash, 7.6V high-capacity polymer battery, 3060 mAh battery capacity (equivalent to 6120 mAh in ordinary mobile phones). The back can be extended with a waist clip and supports high frequency RFID/NFC functions. Removable and replaceable lithium battery. A quick fingerprint unlock, fingerprint confirmation, and fingerprint operation are designed on the left.

Aoyou smart walkie-talkie has a wealth of extended functions and customized functions. Support the independent positioning function of Beidou II and Beidou III. Support BDS, GLONASS, GPS, Galileo four-mode positioning. The knob design is used to easily adjust the volume, switch the intercom channel and group.

Aoyou intelligent multi-mode walkie-talkies adopt a minimalist design style, and every detail is ergonomically designed in consideration of the customer's usage habits. In addition to supporting the back clip, you can also hang a lanyard. With TYPE C design, you don’t have to worry about copying data, and you can insert it both positive and negative. The operation is very convenient.

Aoyou M6 intelligent intercom adopts independent sound cavity design, big sound, good sound quality; it can easily deal with complex and noisy environments. Front physical buttons make it easier to operate with gloves. Aoyou M6 smart walkie-talkie adopts military-grade IP68 protection design, supports waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof; at the same time, there is an explosion-proof blue version to choose from. It is safer to use in petrochemical plants and hazardous chemical plants.

Features of intelligent multi-mode walkie-talkie:

1. The original Android 10.0 system;

2. Three networks in one: LTE full Netcom high-speed network, LTE private network, DMR digital intercom function;

3. Support dual card dual standby: dedicated network card + public network card;

4. 4.0-inch high-definition display, CPU: octa-core 2.35G; memory: 6G+128G;

5. Fingerprint recognition in 0.2 seconds;

6. Built-in high-definition dual cameras: the first 8 million; the rear 21 million;

7. 16pin USB multi-function external interface, support external 1080P ultra-wide dynamic high-definition camera, hand microphone, etc.;

8. Built-in NFC1443A 1443B ID card reading and writing module (optional);

9. The use of high-performance polymer removable lithium battery 7.6V 3060mAh, can work continuously for more than 24 hours;

10. IP68 industrial protection level, dustproof, waterproof and shockproof, meeting the needs of outdoor use;

11. Dock charger and row charger (customizable).

The main comparative advantages of smart multi-mode walkie-talkies and conventional walkie-talkies:

1. This product supports public network/private network network operation, supports cluster intercom communication, command and dispatch functions, ordinary private network walkie-talkies do not have this function.

2. More powerful performance: This product uses independent video encoding, not only supports 1080P video recording, but also supports 1080P real-time transmission;

3. This product adopts IP68 three-proof design, which is stronger than ordinary smart phones; it adopts professional heat dissipation design, which can work stably for a longer time;

4. Ordinary smart phones cannot be connected to the camera, this product can be connected to the camera, the camera can be fixed on the brim, button, and epaulettes, freeing hands and easy to use;

5. Higher information security: This product uses an in-depth customized Android system to ensure network information security to a higher degree;

6. Intelligent multi-mode walkie-talkie private network function: stable uplink and downlink, efficient information processing, public network isolation, safety and reliability.

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