Apple 12 inch arm laptop exposed with a14x processor

On August 2, foreign media wccftech reported that Apple’s MacBook 12 model this year will adopt customized ARM chip, and will give priority to carrying a14x bionic processor. Meanwhile, a14x processor will also be used in the new iPad pro. According to the source, the MacBook with a14x processor will have strong portability and endurance, and can last up to 20 hours.

Foreign media source @ Komiya tweeted that the 12 inch MacBook would offer 8GB or 16GB memory, with 256gb, 512gb or 1TB of storage space. Equipped with a 12 inch retina display and a 720 pfacetime HD camera, the body weight may be less than 1kg.

The downside is that the 12 inch MacBook is likely to come with a butterfly keyboard, which is much more likely to fail than a scissor keyboard. In addition, the fuselage will also be equipped with a type-C interface, which is expected to support the lightning 3 protocol. In terms of price, @ Komiya believes that the 12 inch MacBook is priced at $799, or about 5570 yuan (USD $796) , which should be the lowest price for a compatible version.

Combined with the information previously learned, this year’s apple a14x processor should adopt 5nm process, which will be relatively lower in power consumption and heat. In the face of not very high TDP, the 12 inch MacBook mold can ensure enough heat dissipation capacity, so it does not need to add more heat dissipation components in the body, which can leave more space for the battery However, the actual performance will not be known until the real machine is officially released.