Apple A14 chip GeekBench running score exposure: single-core 1,583 points, multi-core 4198 points

According to news on October 4, a few days ago, the iPad Air 4 GeekBench running scores with a 5nm process A14 chip were exposed, with a single-core score of 1583 and a multi-core score of 4198.


From the perspective of the running interface, the A14 has a 6-core architecture with a frequency of 2.99GHz. In contrast, the single-core score of the A13 chip is 1300+, the multi-core score is 3500+, and the A14 has improved a lot in single-core and multi-core running scores.

In addition, previously, the running points of the A14 chip on AnTuTu were also exposed, with a total score of 572,333 points, of which the CPU score was 167,527 points, and the GPU score was 222,071 points. Compared with A13, the running score increased by 9.1%, the CPU score increased by 16.7%, and the GPU score increased by 3.6%.