Apple A14X chip performance exposed, comparable to eight-core Core i9 standard pressure processor

In 2018, Apple equipped the iPad Pro with the A12X Bionic chip. The performance at the time was comparable to that of the MacBook Pro equipped with Intel’s six-core processor, which was quite powerful. Recently, a blogger broke the news on Twitter that the performance of the A14X Bionic chip built by Apple this year is also quite impressive, almost comparable to Intel’s 8-core Core i9 standard pressure processor.

According to blogger @LukeMiani’s news, he emphasized the performance improvement of the A14X Bionic chip, which is about 40% higher than the previous A12X or the upcoming A14 chip. And said that the performance of the A14X Bionic chip can compete with the Core i9-9880H.

It is worth noting that the Apple A14X Bionic chip uses a 5nm process, which has a lower power consumption performance and can exert more powerful performance in some situations. In order to better utilize the performance of the Intel Core i9-9880H processor, Apple is equipped with a special heat dissipation module on the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which is not required for the A14X Bionic chip. In contrast, the actual performance of the A14X may be even better. Dazzling.

Not surprisingly, this year Apple will launch two chips, A14 and A14X, of which A14X will be used in the first ARM notebook, and A14 will be used in this year’s IPhone 12 series of mobile phones. From the information revealed by the blogger, it can be understood that the performance of the A14 chip still has a large gap compared to the A14X. The actual performance of the two chips is quite exciting.