Apple admits MacBook Air screen is "problematic" and can be repaired for free

There are not a few users who buy MacBook series products, and some users at home and abroad use the reflective coating on the retina display with an unknown degree of wear and delamination when using the machine. If you have such problems, don't panic.

苹果承认MacBook Air屏幕“有问题”,但是可以免费维修

March 27 news, Apple in a shared memo with an authorized service provider pointed out that the MacBook Air equipped with retina display will also wear out and delaminate.

Prior to this, Apple carried out quality maintenance plans for the MacBook Pro and MacBook, and extended the warranty on coating peeling for 4 years, including all products from 2015 to 2017.

苹果承认MacBook Air屏幕“有问题”,但是可以免费维修

It is reported that although Apple has never announced the maintenance plan on its official website, for the problem of coating peeling, Apple has always chosen to deal with the matter quietly, rather than publicly indicating that such problems exist in the MacBook series.

At present, affected by the epidemic, the Apple Store and authorized service providers have been closed. If the above problems occur, users can still visit Apple's official website to obtain services and support.

苹果承认MacBook Air屏幕“有问题”,但是可以免费维修

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