Apple announces the first retinal screen MBP to be “obsolete”: no longer available for repair

According to foreign media reports, it has been more than eight years since Apple released its first MacBook Pro equipped with retina display. Now, this classic device has been officially included in the list of “obsolete products” by apple.

Apple’s “out of date product” does not mean “out of date” as we traditionally understand it. Apple’s official explanation is that it has stopped producing products for five to seven years.

Apple’s support documents show that obsolete products will no longer qualify for hardware services, which means Apple will no longer provide battery replacement or other repair services required for any retina MacBook Pro 15 inch model produced in mid-2012. Users with demand can repair in independent repair shops, but many repair shops do not use Apple’s official accessories.

When the MacBook Pro with retina was unveiled at WWDC in 2012, Apple’s marketing director Phil Schiller called it a “breakthrough in display engineering” and claimed that & amp; never had a laptop been so good.

Apart from being the first MacBook Pro with a retina display, the design of the 2012 model year MacBook Pro looks slimmer than previous models. Apple thinned it by removing the built-in Ethernet port and CD / DVD drive, but retained the lightning and usb-a interface, an HDMI port and an SD card slot.

Objectively speaking, even today, the design of the 2012 MacBook Pro is not out of date.

In this way, the first MacBook Pro with retina retina screen was withdrawn from the stage of history. However, at this year’s WWDC, Apple has announced that in the future, macbook pro will gradually start using Apple’s self-developed chips, and the first product is expected to appear at the end of this year. (Yu Ze)