Apple black technology exposure: iPhone12 Pro lidar will become blind "eyes"

Recently, Apple, which has always focused on product user experience, has added an auxiliary function that can detect people around the user through the lidar on the back of iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max in the latest IOS14 RC version.

The person detection function can identify everyone who can be photographed through the wide-angle lens, and the farthest prompt distance is 4.6 meters.

The working principle of lidar: emit a short beam and measure how long it takes for the light to return to the lidar scanner, but this function may not work properly at night or under low light conditions.

Through the test, it can be found that after the person detection function is turned on, when a person is detected in the lens range, the distance between the user and the person will appear on the screen, and a voice prompt will be given through the speaker or earphone.


There are 3 feedback options in the settings, namely sound, voice, and touch. When there are people in the lens range, you can remind them individually or at the same time through the set options.

In the "sound pitch distance" option, you can also set the range value. When someone appears in the range, a higher voice voice prompt will appear.


The way to turn on the people detection function, set-accessibility-amplifier-on-you can find the "amplifier" app on the desktop.

This feature will be upgraded in the official version of 14.2. Due to hardware limitations, this feature is currently only available for Phone 12 Pro and Pro Max series.

This function allows visually impaired people to line up, walk, and take public transportation, providing great convenience.

This is not the first time Apple has added an auxiliary function for visually impaired users. As early as 2009, Apple added the VoiceOver screen reading function to the iPhone 3GS, which allows more visually impaired users to use their mobile phones conveniently and quickly.

From the beginning to the present, Apple has always made accessibility accessibility functions as one of the core of IOS, although these accessibility functions are useless for most of us normal people, and even some people don’t know that they have these functions if their phones are broken. Exist, but Apple still uses technology and hardware innovation to try its best to help visually impaired users, even if it is only the needs of a small number of people.

As Apple's official website said: "The technology that benefits everyone is the truly powerful technology."


Hopefully, while domestic manufacturers are competing for hardware parameters, they should not forget to upgrade and optimize their own systems to improve user experience and help more people with disabilities use mobile phones conveniently.