Apple CarPlay split-screen function goes live

News on March 25th, Apple officially launched the iOS 13.4 system update today. The split-screen function is the most "hardcore" improvement of CarPlay this time. Previously, the split-screen function could only be implemented by Apple's own map. After this upgrade, Gaode map users can also enjoy this new function for the first time.

As the first domestic third-party map application that supports CarPlay, Gaode Map will also launch a new version at the same time. A large number of users have become accustomed to using Gaode map navigation through CarPlay. After this update, users can simultaneously display map navigation information and music playback interface on the same screen, and can quickly view and operate at the same time.

At the WWDC 2018 conference held in June 2018, Apple announced that the new version of CarPlay will support third-party applications, and Gaode Map became the only domestic third-party map navigation officially adapted to CarPlay.

It is reported that since 2012, Apple Maps domestic map data and services have been provided by Gaode Maps.