Apple China's official website AirPods Pro no longer out of stock: shipping time returns to normal

News on March 26 The Apple AirPods Pro wireless headset was officially released in October last year. It supports active noise reduction, priced at 1999 yuan (USD $286) , and has attracted a large number of users to buy it since its launch.

Apple China's official website has shown for a long time that AirPods Pro is expected to ship in 4 weeks. The IT House found that the current shipping date of AirPods Pro on Apple's official Chinese website has returned to normal, which is 2-4 working days.


At the same time, AirPods with ordinary charging boxes or wireless charging boxes are shown in stock. Earlier, Apple AirPods Pro was out of stock in February this year mainly because of the three major manufacturers of AirPods, namely Lixun Precision, GoerTek and Inventec, which have stopped most of their production since the Chinese New Year holiday.


As Apple's latest Bluetooth headset, AirPods Pro features active noise reduction and transparency modes. Among them, active noise reduction can block environmental noise, and will be continuously adjusted according to the geometry of the user's ear and the fit of the earplug, thereby reducing environmental noise. The transparent mode allows external sound to enter, and the soundproof effect of the silicone earbuds is canceled through the cooperation of the outward-facing and inward-facing microphones.