Apple China's official website is limited to 2 iPhones per person, official: the product is too popular

On March 20, according to foreign media phonearena report, Apple adjusted some details of China's official website and began to limit the number of iPhones purchased by each person. The official website showed that each person can only buy two iPhones. This means that users can only buy 2 iPhones of the same model, and different models do not require it.

At present, Apple China's official website shows that the product is limited to 2 per customer, including iPhone 8, 8 Plus, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, and AirPods Pro. The latest iPad Pro is also the same, and the delivery date is no longer displayed.

In response to this new change, Apple's official response said that because the product is very popular and there are certain restrictions on the supply chain, Apple officials have to make changes. In addition, Apple will continue to confirm orders. If the order fails to provide the required products, Apple will cancel the order and refund the payment amount.

It is reported that Apple's New York iPhone 11 will soon be sold out due to the shortage of some iPhone models. Due to the spread of the epidemic, Apple urgently closed all retail stores except China, and the opening hours will be notified separately. In addition, Apple's supply chain manufacturers closed the factory due to the epidemic situation, and LG's necessary lens supply has problems, so it is difficult to guarantee a certain inventory, and the sales volume of each product is also small. It is believed that most of the reasons for Apple's restricted purchases this time are due to insufficient inventory.

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