Apple closes Apple Store indefinitely

News on March 18, Apple made a new plan for the previous decision to "close all retail stores except in China until March 27". Before the epidemic in various regions in foreign countries was not effectively controlled, All retail stores outside China will be closed indefinitely. The specific opening hours will need to be notified by Apple officials. At present, this new decision has been released on the official websites of Apple countries.

At present, the U.S. epidemic has entered a fermentation period, and the US government has repeatedly emphasized to avoid crowds as much as possible. All parties with more than 10 people have been banned. Recently, all Apple retail stores in the United States have been closed. As long as the spread of new coronavirus in the United States cannot be effectively controlled for a day, all Apple Stores in the United States will continue to delay opening hours.

Although the Apple Store has been closed, Apple has not stopped serving users. From now on, Apple has switched all services to online. If there is an Apple user who needs to purchase an Apple phone or repair and consult mobile phone products, it can be done online or Dial the Apple service hotline and talk directly to customer service to solve the problem.

For the Apple Store open in China, Apple also introduced more disinfection programs and limited business hours to try to protect the safety of employees and customers. In short, during the epidemic, Apple users around the world do n’t have to worry about problems with their phones not being solved. Apple ’s preparations for the epidemic are really complete!