Apple creates exclusive peripherals for iOS devices: iPhone, iPad as MacBook

Can the phone be directly embedded in the computer? It sounds incredible. But according to Apple's latest patent, Apple is trying to find a way to embed the iPhone and iPad directly into devices such as the MacBook Pro to expand storage and provide additional features.

According to the patent map given by Apple, future iPhones, iPads and other iOS devices can be directly used as part of MacBook Pro notebook computers. Very similar to the PowerBook Duo classic laptop introduced by Apple in the 1990s.

The Apple PowerBook Duo is a very conventional notebook computer, but it does not have an Ethernet interface, there was no floppy drive that was widely used at the time, and it could not connect an external keyboard and mouse. However, it works with a full-featured dock. The dock has a built-in Modem and other devices, and is even equipped with a monitor. When the PowerBook Duo is connected, it will directly become a desktop computer to better meet office needs.

This new patent from Apple is also very similar to the dedicated docking station for iOS devices. By embedding iOS devices into "accessory devices", it is possible to implement functions such as expanding the GPU, increasing the screen size and expanding the interface of iOS devices. Of course, it is not ruled out that the iPhone is used as an accessory of the MacBook to improve the AI performance of the Mac and expand some new applications.

According to another picture, the designer embedded an iPad in a screen position similar to a MacBook Pro device, and increased the productivity of the iPad by adding a keyboard and touchpad. Apple has been working to create a more complete product ecosystem. It is very likely that products like this will be launched later, but it is currently only in the patent stage, and it is expected that such products will really appear. (Edit: NJNR304)