Apple customer service responds to poor iPhone12 signal: It is recommended to update the system and reinsert the SIM card

News on November 10 According to the boss’s network today’s news, in response to the signal problem reported by users, Apple’s customer service said to him: It may be a software conflict problem. It is recommended to update the system to iOS 14.2 and re-plug the SIM card.

Recently, a large number of iPhone 12 users have reported the problem of poor mobile phone signal in the Apple community, Tieba, Zhihu and other communities, saying that it is useless to switch the flight mode, and the phone must be restarted.

Apple’s official customer service stated that the problem may be a software conflict and intermittent problem. It has not been notified that it is a hardware problem. It is recommended to re-plug the SIM card, check and update the operator’s settings, and update the initial system to iOS 14.2. , If it doesn’t work, try other methods.

"If it has not been resolved. Let's see if there are other methods. We (the customer service team) have not said that this (received news) is due to a hardware problem, it may be a software conflict, or some software A problem caused by indirectness. If it is indeed caused by hardware, then we will definitely give a corresponding solution."

IT Home is aware that all Apple iPhone 12 series are currently on sale, and there may be some problems in the initial stage of listing, such as battery life signals.