Apple feel it! Samsung Galaxy S21 cancels AKG wired headset: it is expected to be equipped with a true wireless of more than 1,000 yuan (USD $143)

The iPhone 12 no longer comes with EarPods and charging heads, which has aroused extensive discussions from the outside world. There are voices of support and opposition.

Some consumers are worried that Android manufacturers will do the same in the name of environmental protection. It has been reported that Samsung has this intention.

However, the latest news is that Samsung does plan to no longer include AKG wired headsets with the Galaxy S21 (tentative name, or S30). Don't get excited, instead, Samsung wants to send a pair of true wireless.

This TWS Bluetooth headset is said to be called Galaxy Buds Beyond, and the trademark can be retrieved on the US Intellectual Property website. Judging from the previous Gear IconX, Galaxy Buds Live, and Galaxy Buds+, the price of TWS headphones will be around US$150~160. Of course, usually buyers are not skilled in sellers. It remains to be seen whether this will push up the price of the S21 series.

There are reports that the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is scheduled to be released on January 14 next year, earlier than previous years.


The picture shows the Galaxy S21 rendering