Apple headphones don’t have charging heads, but they sell faster than iPhones

Apple has released a new headset AirPods Max. This headset is priced at 4399 yuan (USD $628) and began to accept pre-orders after the announcement. However, due to insufficient production capacity, the sales of this headset on the official website are actually faster than the iPhone.

From Beijing’s point of view, the current delivery cycle for booking AirPods Max has come to 10-12 weeks, which means that it will take up to 3 months. Users who pay in installments are even more miserable. They have to repay for 3 months before they can truly Used. The green version of this headset has a delivery cycle of 12-14 weeks.

Looking at it now, AirPods Max has quickly become Apple’s headset product with the longest delivery cycle.

What should I pay attention to before buying? What accessories are provided in the AirPods Max box? According to Apple’s AirPods Max introduction page, there are only three things in the AirPods Max box:

AirPods Max

Smart headset case

Lightning to USB-C cable

This means that AirPods Max, like the iPhone 12 series, does not provide a charger.

AirPods Max may require an 18W or 20W USB-C power adapter for fast charging.

At present, the biggest slot point of AirPods Max is weight. . . It may not be too comfortable to wear for a long time. . . But it has a long battery life. . .

However, this price is also a bright spot, Li Nan, the founder of Angry Miao, said:

Looking at a new product with an unknown leading brand, the most important part is not the price, but the parts that are not #metoo. This product obviously intends to use “algorithms” to fight the traditional “hifi-fidelity”.

You seek to restore, then I will process the voice until your parents don’t know it. . . The path is completely different, and finally the ear receives the goods.

So don’t rush to say expensive, to prevent you from turning around and kneeling after hearing it. . . .

In addition, on the AirPods service and repair page, Apple has added the official battery service charge details for AirPods Max over-ear headphones. For customers who did not choose to purchase AppleCare+ for AirPods Max, Apple provides a one-year standard warranty period for all Apple products. If AirPods Max needs service during this year, all work is free of charge.

However, after the one-year warranty of AirPods Max expires or the AppleCare+ service for up to two years ends, Apple will charge $79 for battery repairs.