Apple iPhone 12 disassembly: material cost is about 2458 yuan (USD $351)

News from IT House, November 25 According to Nikkei News, the investigative company Fomalhaut calculated based on the dismantling of the iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 (material) cost price was US$373 (approximately RMB 2458).

In terms of main components, according to Fomalhaut's estimation, the estimated price of the OLED panel used in the iPhone 12 is about 70 US dollars, the chip is 40 US dollars, SK Hynix DRAM is 12.8 US dollars, Samsung Electronics flash memory is 19.2 US dollars, and Sony CMOS is 7.4- USD 7.9.

For comparison, the iPhone 12 will be priced at 6299 yuan (USD $900) for the 64GB version, 6799 yuan (USD $971) for the 128GB version, and 7599 yuan (USD $1086) for the 256GB version.

It should be noted that Fomalhaut mainly analyzes the cost of materials, but the cost of materials is affected by the yield rate, and the real cost should be higher than this data. At the same time, Apple's costs in R&D, operations, and promotion, as well as its investment in the industrial chain, are far from being reflected by these figures.

In addition, component suppliers for different mobile phones may be slightly different. IT Home learned that iFixit’s previous disassembly of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro showed: In addition to the A14 processor designed by Apple and manufactured by TSMC, Micron supplies LPDDR4 SDRAM; Samsung supplies NAND flash memory chips; Qualcomm provides 5G and LTE Communication transceiver.